Calluses and Bodybuilding

Calluses and Bodybuilding

Big calluses on the hands are just a fact ofliife for the powerlifter or serious bodybuilder. Left alone, they will rip off and take big patches of skin with them. This not cool and will limit your progress. Remove the calluses! The only proper way to do this is to go to your doctor but who has time or money to run to the doctor weekly to get calluses removed? There are options you can use at home with varying degrees of dangerousness:

  • chemical removers
  • abrasive means – pumice, skin files, etc
  • cutting them off
  • ripping them off

Casual lifters can prevent calluses by wearing gloves; however, for serious powerlifters there is no avoid them! What constitutes serious? Benching more than 400lbs and doing lat pulldowns with more than 300lbs. These folks need to be very diligent about trimming their calluses to insure that their hands dont start limiting their progress.

Watch and cringe!


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