The world is my gym!

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Free gym membership!! Thats right, completely free with no contracts or obligations. The world is my gym and I am willing to share it with you. Here you see my cardio machine (a bicycle), my ab workout station, my chest machine (the ground), and my… Read More »The world is my gym!

Do one hundred pushups!

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Even if you can’t do a single pushup now, with this five phase plan you can build up your strength and endurance so that you can do one hundred pushups. EDIT:  I had to remove this video because of a YouTube bug in the delayed… Read More »Do one hundred pushups!

Good Fitness Advice?

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How can you tell if a YouTube trainer is giving good, unbiased fitness advice or not? I get this question all the time and here is an easy way to tell, ask the following key question: If you follow the trainers advice, do they get… Read More »Good Fitness Advice?