Cheap, High Quality, MCT Oil!

For those wanting to “take” MCT Oil, what I would recommend is no different than I do with omega-3 fatty acids – get your MCT Oil from unprocessed sources. Raw coconuts are pretty expensive because of their transportation costs but if they are cheap where you are, get out your band saw and dig in! For the rest of folks it turns out there there is a very cheap, minamally processed version of MCT Oil at virtually every grocery store in America, not sure about Europe – its shredded, dried coconut! Make sure to get the unsweetened kind. Shredded coconut is literally just the meat of the coconut shredded, then dried, no cooking, chemicals, or processing of any kind. Shredded coconut is 88% fat, doesnt get much higher concentration that than.

The other option you can use which is found in almost every grocery store is coconut oil, again, almost no processing so that “mistakes” cannot happen.  Even Walmart carries coconut oil, their organic is less than $10 for 3 pounds – dirt cheap compared to MCT oil.

So whats the difference between a bottle of MCT Oil you get on Amazon or from your local GNC health food store and the shredded coconut? Glad you asked! Mistakes are the difference:

  • Mistakes can happen during the oil extraction process, impurities can get added or a cheap vegetable oil might ‘mistakenly’ get mixed in with the very expensive coconut oil.
  • Air exposure can make the oil rancid. Once you separate the oil from the fiber of the nut, it gets rancid easily.
  • High temperatures like being stored next to the turbines of a supertanker can degrade the oil. Once you separate the oil from the fiber of the nut, it becomes more sensitive to heat.
  • Extended storage time can degrade the oil.  Once you separate the oil from the fiber of the nut, it does not store as long.

Cheap, High Quality, MCT Oil!

Don’t waste money on bottles of highly processed and expensive oils that you cannot verify the quality of, buy it in minimally processed form from your local grocery store in the form of coconut oil or shredded coconut!!!!

How much of coconut oil is MCT?

Great question.  Not all the oil in coconut oil is Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil.  Most of the oils consumed in modern diets are long chain triglycerides, the kinds used in deep frying.  “Oil” in coconut oil actually has a lot of components, the medium chain ones are:

  • caproic acid (hexanoic acid)
  • caprylic acid (octanoic acid)
  • capric acid (decanoic acid)
  • lauric acid (dodecanoic acid)

These four account for 65% of the oil in coconut oil.  So of that 56 ounce $9.98 bottle of coconut oil at Walmart you get 36 ounces of MCT oil.  See if you can find 36 ounces of MCT oil for ten buck anywhere and if you trust the no-name manufacturer when you do.

Regulation of MCT Oil and Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a food and thus is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  It is spot tested and has very strict labeling requirements.  On the other hand MCT oil is a supplement and as such has virtually no regulation other than the fact that the label many not make medical claims.  What is on the label and what is in the jar is never confirmed by anyone, not the manufacturer and not by government inspectors – its totally the honor system.  Do you trust your manufacturer of expensive MCT oil not to make “mistakes”?

Health benefits of MCT Oil

Although there are current studies looking at the possible benefits of MCT oil, none have been confirmed.  Before you go gobbling up lots of MCT Oil or coconut oil, think about this – obesity is the #1 health problem in America and chowing down on coconut lard is going to make the problem worse.  Yes, MCT oil is digested faster but so what, its still 9 calories per gram just like any other oil and it makes you just as fat if you eat it in excess. So why did I go to all the bother of this detailed post if I dont believe there are any benefits of MCT oil?  Simple, I dont want people wasting money and possibly hurting themselves with poorly processed MCT oil.  Eating real food will cause far less damage and waste less money.

Coconut oil for stretch marks?

LOL!  Who started that urban myth?