Complete Protein Combiner Tool For Vegans and Vegetarians

Complete Protein Combiner Tool For Vegans and Vegetarians

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You have heard that beans and rice make a “complete protein” but what is the ratio of beans to rice that is optimal and exactly how does the protein in beans and rice compare to chicken, fish, or eggs? This free software gives you the answer! This protein combiner software is of interest to all vegans and vegetarians but its of keen interest to those involved in sports, fitness, and bodybuildineg where it is critical to get high quality protein for top perforance and maximum muscle building.

To use this tool, select the desired amount of protein in your meal in step 1 and then choose the desired primary protein source in step 2. The software will then calculate the best complementary grain, bean, or nut to make the amino acid profile match that of grilled chicken breast as closely as possible. At a later date, I will allow other target amino acid profiles like isolated whey, egg whites, and the “complete protein” model.

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Please note, tool is still in development and is not yet functional. Expect to have it complete by the 15th of June, 2013

The following plant products will be added to your primary protein source to make you protein as complete as possible:

brazil nuts
pumkin seed
brown rice
goji berries

What exactly is a “complete protein”? I am using the current standard for complete protein which is a protein which has the 11 essential amino acids in the below proportions:

Essential Amino Acid mg/g of Protein
Tryptophan 7
Threonine 27
Isoleucine 25
Leucine 55
Lysine 51
Methionine+Cystine 25
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine 47
Valine 32
Histidine 18