Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice

All videos, images and text are copyrighted, do not re-upload or use my videos, images or text for any reason! My unique reputation in the fitness industry depends on me remaining wholesome, anti-commercial and not promoting or selling any products. Any theft of my copyrighted images or videos for commercial purposes severely damages my reputation and credibility as an advocate of zero-cost fitness so I defend my copyright vigorously.

You may not use, copy, re-upload, or electronically modify any of my content, even if you give me credit. You may not use my images for personals ads, facebook profiles, advertisements or anything else. You may not re-upload my videos. You may not electronically modify my videos and re-upload them. All of these activities constitute copyright violations.

If you want to include my videos on your website or blog free of charge, you may use the YouTube “Embed” feature. To do this click on the “<Embed>” button shown at right and then paste the blue highlighted code into your website/blog.

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All images, text, and videos in all the below locations are the property of llc who holds the exclusive copyright:

No image, video, or text my be copied, replicated, re-uploaded, printed, or electronically modified for any purpose without prior authorization. It does not matter where you found the image/video/text or if you give me credit, you may not use it without prior authorization.

All content on is the property of the person who uploaded their original content. Per the AskScooby Forum User Agreement, llc has permission to use it.

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How You Can Help

Stealing my images and using them to sell product is not only illegal, its SLIMY.  Making it look like I endorse a product is the opposite of what I stand for, I always preach that you dont need to by anything!  Here’s what you can do, first contact them directly and let them know how slimy you think they are, email them or call their headquarters and ask them to remove the image at once.  Make sure to send them a link to this page so they can see for themselves that the image they have stolen is my property and it is copyright protected.  Also, please reply to this post:

with the URL of the advertisement or a description of where it is.    The same goes for videos.  I have never given anyone permission to re-upload any part of any of my videos.  If you see someone who has uploaded a video of mine, please post a comment on the video asking them nicely to remove it and also reply to the post above with the URL.  I really appreciate your help in policing this and keeping my non-commercial reputation in tact because I have no money to hire lawyers and chase these skumbags down!