Dane Makes A Comeback!

Dane Makes A Comeback!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Dane, 18yr old
Belgrade, Serbia
Before: Dec 2010, 79kg
After: Jun 2012, 84kg

Hi Scoob, my name is Dane and I’m 18 years old. I was always the sporty-fitness type, I played waterpolo for more than 10 years, participated in swimming marathons and such, but all that came to a stop when I got mono. I was in bed for a whole month, and after that I couldn’t engage in any physical activity for another couple of months. Not only did I lose almost 3 kg (75-76 kg) but I also developed a knee problem which I am still trying to fix. The hardest time for me was when i was actually healthy but didn’t have doctors permission for any activity, I was dying for a few pushups. That’s when I stumbled upon your videos on youtube. I really liked that you were actually preaching the philosophy of fitness, not just showing proper form and nutrition, targeting teens and people out of shape. So I started to educate myself with your advice and immediately after starting to work out (using 30 year old dumbells and a bench i had in the basement) I began to improve both my performance and knowledge. Not only did i get back in shape, but now I’m in the best shape i have ever been. So all in all, a big thank you Scooby for your time and dedication!

Hey Dane, congratulations on your comeback!  Mono is very rehabilitating and you came back strong!  Keep up the great work!


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