The Fajita Scramble is another quick healthy meal you can make. If you are good in the kitchen, you can make this from scratch. If like me, you are somewhat of a disaster in the kitchen, I will show you how to make it from your leftovers from the Mexican restaurant you went to last night!

To make from scratch

Sautee a red bell pepper, a yellow bell pepper, a green bell pepper, and half an onion in a pan.  Don’t ask me how to sauté something, to me its synonymous with “incinerate”.  Anyway, if you can saute the vegetables,  thats all you need to make the Fajita Scramble below.  You will have a lot more sautéed vegetables than you need for one portion here so you can keep the rest in the refrigerator ready to make your next batch of fajita scramble.

To make from restaurant leftovers

The fajita scramble is so easy to make that even I cant mess it up.  Its high in protein, low in calories, and its got anti-oxidants to boot.

Mexican food is my favorite but Americanized Mexican food is typically really unhealthy because of the gobs of cheese on everything. I am going to show you how to turn a trip to a Mexican restaurant into a healthy experience that gives you meals for two days.


My favorite is chicken fajitas because not only do they taste great but they are one of the healthiest things on the menu. Its grilled chicken with beans and lots of colorful sauteed vegetables to get those important anti-oxidants. First suggestion is to order them with whole beans instead of refried. Often refried beans have a lot of lard in them so whole beans are safer. If it comes with cheese or sour cream, have them leave those out so you dont need to waste them.

mexican food leftovers

Often fajitas come with a HUGE portion and thats where the second part of this video comes in. As delicious as the meal is, resist the temptaion to eat the entire meal, take half of it home. Once you see how amazing the fajita scramble will be at home, you wont have any trouble boxing it to go!

Put a little oil in the pan and dump in all the left overs. While that is heating up, crack your eggs. Now there is already a fair amount of fat from the sauteed vegetables so personally, I leave most of the egg yolks out, but if you want the added calories from the yolks, leave them in. By the time I have cracked and seperated the six egg whites, the fajitas are hot enough and I just dump the egg whites on top and scramble it. In two minutes you will have the most amazing scramble you have ever had!



You get THREE amazingly healthy and delicious meals rather than one meal that leaves you so stuffed that your breathing is labored.

Thats it for this week, a fajita scramble that even I can make.



quick healthy meal fajita scramble