Fast healthy low carb meal

Fast healthy low carb meal

All low carb meals are not created equal.  Most low carb meals out there are horribly unhealthy because people forget that the ingredients are more important than the macros.  Velveeta on a hot dog is a low carb meal but about as unhealthy as jogging thru a field planted with land mines.

It seems to be an American past time to “hate vegetables” but they are vitally important for health and for losing fat.  The fiber they add helps fill you up with hardly any calories.  I promise you that if you hate vegetables, you will love this dish!  Cauliflower is the miracle vegetable … that doesnt taste like a vegetable!

The key is to start by microwaving the cauliflower into mush.  Take a huge bowl of cauliflower florets (no stalks!), rinse well, then microwave for 15 minutes on high to make them mushy – this is key!


Now put a bit of olive oil in a frying pan, add some hot sauce for flavor if you want, and dump in the cauliflower.  Cook in frying pan till cauliflower is dry – you dont want any standing liquid!


Next dump in the eggs.  If you are bulking, use whole organic eggs.  If you are cutting, I suggest egg whites.

Great question now – how much cauliflower, how many eggs?  Please use to set your portion sizes!!!



The macros shown below are just an example from my meal plan.  I am a big guy and do 2 hours of cardio a day so my portion size will probably be bigger than yours.  Again, use to set your quantities properly.

easy to make healthy low carb meal


Over cooking vegetables destroys the vitamins?

I hate it when people just parrot what they have heard without thinking about what they are saying and this is a great example.  How example are the vitamins destroyed when you cook vegetables into mush?  Think about this, there are only two possible mechanisms that I can come up with:

  1. Heat chemically alters the vitamins rendering them ineffective
  2. The cooking process leeches the vitamins out of the vegetables and they are discarded

For example, the cauliflower used here has vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6.  I know of no research that shows these vitamins are damaged significantly by cooking .  Now lets look at the second issue, the leeching.  Yes, if you boil vegetables in water and toss out the water you will lose vitamins … so don’t throw out the water!  QED!  You will notice when I am making this dish, I put all the cauliflower water in the frying pan and cook it till dry.  I am NOT losing any vitamins!

Lets assume that some of the vitamins ARE damaged by cooking – just eat MORE of them!  Most people hate vegetables which is why they have trouble keeping the fat off because they eat things like french fries and potato chips instead of vegetables.  If cooking the vegetable into mush gets people to like and eat their vegetables they are FAR better off nutritionally even if  a few percent of the vitamins are lost during cooking.

Scoobysworkshop, opinionated as always :)