Fitness Success Story Mark From Kentucky

Fitness Success Story Mark From Kentucky

Height 67 inches
Age 23
Progress Documentation Progress Diary 1
Progress Diary 2
Primary Goal
Before After
Date 06/02/2013 12/01/2014
Weight 288 lbs 175 lbs
Fitness Success Story Mark - Before Picture Fitness Success Story Mark - After Picture
Accomplishment: Through simple nutritional changes and hard work in the gym i have completely changed my life.
Full Story: Coming into the new year i was already excited about fitness. Having already lost 73 pounds the six months prior I thought I had a pretty good grasp on things. However, what i did not know is how difficult the next 40 or so pounds were going to be to get off of my body. I wanted to get down to 170 pounds, gaining muscle and losing fat along the way, so I could get accepted into the military. The intensity of my workouts had to be raised to a new level. I needed to be more nutritionally restrictive than before. Being a sophomore in college, taking 17 credit hours, working, and having to get field hours for my major made this even more difficult. I literally had to map out my week and leave 2 hour time slots available each day for my exercises as well as map out what I would eat at what time. I had very little extra cash, even for food (books are expensive!) but thanks to Scooby’s quick easy snacks, especially the black beans and salsa recipe, I managed to get by just fine. I started out with the get boot camp ready exercise on but also alternated back to Scooby’s intermediate workout plan as well. Luckily for me my college offers a free gym to all of the students and I made this my second home. I got to where I eventually could run 7.2 miles in an hour up from only being able to do 3 miles in 30 minutes at the beginning of the year. I completed my first Ironman Triathalon (112 miles bike, 26.2 miles run, and 2.4 miles swim) in 4 days back in october, a feat i thought impossible from the beginning of the year. eventually i fell so in love with fitness, exercise, and healthy lifestyles I decided to make it my career. I changed my major to Physical Education with a concentration in Physical Fitness and Wellness Management and added a minor in Nutrition. I hope to be fully equipped to help others reach their health goals as a personal trainer and give back to the world of fitness.

Mark lost 113 pounds and did his first Ironman triathlon

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Fitness Success Story Mark - Progress Picture

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