Football: Bad Sport For Teenagers

Football: Bad Sport For Teenagers

I know I am very unpopular for attacking the #1 sport in America but football is not a good sport for teens, or anyone else for that matter. Here’s why:

  • Death. Men who play five or more years for the NFL die 20 year earlier than the average American! Why? Because it is the most unhealthy sport in existance!
  • Injury. Think skateboarding is dangerous? Teens are 5x more likely to get injured playing football than skateboarding! Baseball, soccer, and basketball are all much less injury prone.

I know there is nothing more American than apple pie and football but unfortunately obesity and heart attacks are becoming an American phenomema as well. Lets look at why football is a bad sport for teens, it starts during tryouts. I get emails from teens all the time begging for advice on how to bulk up for football tryouts in 5 months because the coach has told them that realisticaly to have a chance of making the team, they need to add 30lbs. How horrible is that? A teen is told that they need to add 30lbs in 6 months. There are two ways a teen can add 30lbs in that amount of time. The first is to add 30lbs of fat by eating junk food, thats obviously very, very bad for the health. The other way is to add 30lbs muscle by taking illegal steroids, not exactly healthy either. What kind of a sport is this? Football is about mass, strength and bulking up and teens who play football learn horrible eating habits which they take to their grave prematurely.

Other problems with football:

  • powerlifting
  • too much sitting, not enough cardio
  • Barry Bonds? What about obvious steroid problem – football. The proverbial 800lb gorilla
  • Healthier sports for teens: soccer, basketball, and even skateboarding