Get in the best shape of your life in 2014!

Get in the best shape of your life in 2014!

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Its that time of the year when everyone is either making new years resolutions or feeling guilty about not making fitness resolutions. Many people dont bother with resolutions because they get into a bad cycle of making well meaning fitness resolutions, sticking with them diligently for a few months, then giving up. I want to help you break that cycle and make your new years resolution something to be excited about all year long! Not only am I going to show you here how to set your goals and accomplish them but I am going to give you $1,000 to help motivate you thru those tough times as well! The reason most people fail at their fitness resolutions is not because they are lazy, its because they either set unrealisticly high goals, starve themselves, or workout so hard that they get injured. Lets talk about how YOU can get in the best shape of your life in 2014! Here is how to win $1,000

1) Set good goals. Decide what “best shape of your life” means! That will mean something different to everyone – for some it might be losing weight and fitting in that old suit you love, for others it might be lowering your cholesterol and getting off your statin medication, and for some it might be adding muscle and getting stronger. Setting good goals is the most critical step and this is where many people fail, they set unrealistic goals. Many people have unrealistic muscle gain expectations and unrealistic expectations about how fast they can lose fat. A good goal is specific, measurable, realistic, and time bounded – please read about setting good goals. Remember its no crime to change your goal.

2) Come up with a game plan. Its great that you have a goal but now you need a game plan. Many people are so excited about their goals that they skip this step, its like taking the “aim” out of “ready, aim, fire” – it feels good but its not very effective. Depending on your goal you probably need a resistance training plan, a cardio plan, and a nutritional plan. I know you want to hit the treadmill but instead spend a week or so doing research on the internet and come up with your complete game plan – what your workout schedule will be and what you will be eating. Many people fail at this step by starting out too agressively, all good programs start out slowly. I know you are in a hurry to lose weight but going from just eating big-meal-deals to eating only celery and tofu in a flash cut is a recipe for disaster because it will lead to binging. Even worse is a fitness plan that has you running 10km on day 1 when you havent put on running shoes since high school because you will get injured – “game over”. I suggest you start by reading about choosing the best workout, running your first mile, doing your first pullup, increasing your pushups, nutrition 101, and losing weight.

3) Find a support network. Having people around you who are supportive of your fitness goals is critical if you are to achieve them! For many reasons, family and friends may not be that supportive of your fitness goals. Having friends and family constantly berating you with “its just one piece of cake” is a recipe for failure. You cant choose your family but you can find supportive communities. Joining a fitness related club in your town is an awesome way to build a support network. If that isnt possible then joining a supportive online community like sweat4health is a great option. Be warned that most online bodybuilding communities I have seen have some of the meanest, nastiest, most juvenile people anywhere on the internet so choose your community carefully.

4) Implement and re-evaluate. Most people fail at steps 1, 2, and 3. If you have done them correctly, this is the straightforward part. You have set a good course, just put your head down and get to work. One thing that is important though is to periodically re-evaluate. If you are making progress, great, put your head back down and keep going. If you are not making progress, its time to revisit steps 1, 2, and 3 to see if you need different goals, a different plan, or a different support network. For people losing weight, the most common mistake is to panic. They weigh themselves daily and if they go a week without losing weight, they go into a panic and cut their caloric intake to starvation levels. Set a good course and hold it, if you are exercising and eating well you *will* lose weight. For those trying to lose fat or gain muscle, its important you read about weighing yourself accurately! Gaining muscle is so slow that it takes many months before you can get any idea of your progress so its much better to chart strength gains because remember, eventually mass will follow strength.

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