How often change workout for optimal gains?

People ask how often they should change their workout and my answer has changed over the years. I used to think of it from a physiological perspective and now I realize that was totally wrong. The biggest enemy of gainz is mental, rather than physical in nature. Unless you love your workout and are really looking forward to it, you wont get much out of it. If you are dreading your workout because its too boring or too difficult then no gainz will be had. So how often should you change your workout? Any time you are not really looking forward to it! I don’t care if that means you have to change your workout once a year or once a week. It’s your brain that needs the Wider “Confusion principal”, not your muscles.

There are lots of ways you can change your workout. You can totally change type from strength training – bodybuilding – calisthenics. You can change the split 3DAW FBW to PPL split to ULUL or whatever. You can keep the same workout but change rep ranges. You can keep the same workout and substitute exercises. It does not matter what the research says is best or what some YouTube star says is best. Remember only 2 things matter: 1) you are excited about doing your workout and 2) it does not injure you. If you love your workout you will do it consistently and get results!

A lot of people have joined us home workout peeps because their gyms are shut. As awesome as working out at home is, one thing missing is the energy of training with other serious athletes. A big part of motivation is in varying your workouts and coming up with new exercises which is why home workout people are far more likely to get stuck in a no-gainz rut. At the gym you see what other athletes are doing – new exercises you have never done and old favorites you forgot about and can incorporate these into your workout to keep it fresh. Home workout folks don’t get this and in this video I am going to show you how to get this gym benefit AT HOME.

At this point, a lot of people will just mention some fake natty instagram physique star. Heres the problem. Instagram for some bodybuilders seems to be the art of finding ways to show off by posting flexed photos while pretending to help fans with useless workout tips. The way they they often do this is what I call the “stupid made up exercise”. These people show-off by posting some impressive exercise they made up. The problem is that these are always dangerous, ineffective, or both. Just because something is really difficult does NOT make it a good exercise. When you hear of a new exercise, always ask yourself:

  1. what are the risks and what is the gain?
  2.  Is there an exercise that will give more gain with less risk?

[If you are on IG, the answer 99% of the time will be YES!]

So if IG and FB are not great places to get new exercises, so how do you get ideas for mixing up your workout if you workout at home? Great question! Let’s talk about getting information in general. Textbooks are great for information that does not change rapidly where as the internet is great for fields where there is rapid development. Human physiology has not changed in hundreds of thousands of years. Our skeleton is the same, our muscles are the same, and the exercises are the same as when Arnold wrote his Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding in the 1980s. A book like this is perfect for getting new exercise because of how rapidly you can flip thru the exercise pictures and find a great replacement exercise. Another great option are these laminated workout posters meant for gyms. They cost $20-$30 and at a glance you can find a new exercise for dumbbells, resistance bands, barbells, or bodyweight exercises.

Thats it for today, how often to change your workout and how to do it.