How to pec bounce

This pec bounce progression will teach you to bounce your pecs. More than a douchebag parlor trick, it can help your chest strength gains and mass gains too. Yes, bouncing pecs looks cool. Yes, bouncing pecs will intimidate your little bros and make them feel inferior. Ripping your shirt off at a party and bouncing your pecs might even get you a date but its probably something that you will be embarrassed about the rest of your life so don’t do it. No, the real reason to learn to bounce your pecs is that ALL forms of muscle control end up helping your gains in bodybuilding. You know when people use the word “FEEL” over and over again when it comes to techniques for making progress in bodybuilding? Well “FEEL” is muscle control. If you cant control the muscle then you cant feel it, its just kinda a big droopy lump hanging onto your body.

I have realized that I need to amend my webpage 10 secrets for huge pecs because muscle control, aka “feel”, is one of the top methods.  The reason that I did not think to include it is because of secret #2 which is “Don’t neglect the squeezing” but more on how that relates to pec bouncing in a moment.

Pec Bounce Progression

  1. Bench your bodyweight.  When someone starts lifting, they only use a fraction of the muscle fibers in their body.  Thats why when people start lifting they often get a lot stronger without gaining any muscle mass, its simply because the brain is building the new neural pathways to existing muscle fibers.  These neural pathways are what we need and you get them by using your pecs repeatedly.  A few days of pushups is never going to  get you to the state where you can bounce your pecs.  Of course, benching your bodyweight is only an approximation.  Some will be able to learn pec bounce earlier and some will require more lifting but the point is, you need a strong base to start.
  2. Squeezing practice.  This can be done somewhat in parallel with step 1.  The key to learning to bounce your pecs is the ability to squeeze.  Remember I told you that pec bouncing is related to building massive pecs, this is how, the all important squeezing exercises.  A big part of why squeezing exercises are so important is that they teach you how to “feel” your pecs, in other words, to control them.  In your workouts, do at least half squeezing exercises like pec deck, dumbbell flys and cable flys in your chest workout.  When you do these exercises, keep the weight light enough that you can really “SQUEEZE” at the part of the movement when your hands are most close together.  This is a lot easier with pec deck and cable flys than with dumbbells.  Focus on that squeeze at the top because that is the feel that will teach you to flex your pecs!  If you use too heavy of a weight on the squeezing exercises then you will not be able to squeeze so don’t be tempted.
  3. Your first simultaneous flex.  This requires a mirror.  Get over your modesty, lock the bathroom door, and lets do some practice.   When you first start trying to flex you have no idea what is required to flex them.  Watch carefully in the mirror and try flexing.  At first you will end up tensing your whole body, neck, face, and maybe traps too – thats ok.   Try the chest flex with your hands at your sides.  Try chest flexing pretending you are doing the pec deck.  The moment you see any movement in your pecs STOP and do whatever it is just just did again!  It will take a number of tries to be able to hone in on it so that you can repeat it but you will get there.  Getting that first twitch is the hardest but once you get it to happen, you will progress quickly.
  4. Relaxed simultaneous pec flex.  Step 3 is the hardest and once you get past that you have made it but there is still lots of work to do.  Next up is to be able to flex the pecs while keeping everything else relaxed and this is a lot harder than it looks.  Keep working on this until you can slowly flex both pecs at the same time while keeping your neck, shoulders, arms, and everything else relaxed. Practice is the key here.  Don’t try to pec bounce at this point but rather use slow and controlled flexes – nothing sudden.
  5. The independent pec flex.   Once you have the simultaneous pec flex mastered, the independent flex is the next step. The goal is to be able to flex one pec while the entire rest of the body stays relaxed.  Start with tiny and slow flexes and build up to full clenching flexes.  Again, this just takes practice.
  6. The pec bounce.  This is the final and easiest step.  For the pec bounce, rather than a slow controlled flex its a BAM.  BAM and then immediate and full relax.  To be able to do a really good pec bounce requires timing of these ballistic flexes.  Think of pushing a child on a swing.  To make them swing higher you have to push them exactly at the right point, same with the pec bounce.  If you time your ballistic flexes perfectly you get your pecs into ever increasing oscillations!



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