Jaron’s Health Transformation

Jaron’s Health Transformation

Name: Jaron
Cleveland, Oh. United States
Before pic taken March 8th, 2011 @ 267lbs. And after pic taken Dec. 2nd, 2011 @ 165lbs.

Hi Scooby, my name is Jaron Kennell and I’m writting to share my success story. Well, i was 267lbs @ 5’10” and the heaviest I’ve ever been. started having trouble breathing (especially when trying to tie my shoes). my wife was complaining that my snoring was getting louder and louder, and my body that was like a human trash compactor that could digest anything was starting to have digestive problems. and i just got plain fat. so i decided to do something about it. i started off on nutrisystem, and it worked really well but it was expensive. and after the 1st month i started paying attention to the nutrition labels on all their foods and compared them to the same foods at the grocery store. and ya know what…..they were very compareable and some foods had the same exact nutritional values. so i was like “hey, i can do this on my own with food from the grocery store and it will be a lot cheaper!” so i tried that and it worked just as well. just fllowed the correct portion sizes and was sure to hit all the food groups for the right nutrition and eating 6 times a day. thats about the time i came accross your website as well just by chance that somebody recommedned on an online forum that had nothing to do with any of this. thats when i intensified my cardio workouts from walking to jogging. but after a while, my shin splints started hurting real bad. i had to keep excersizing though. i couldnt go to the gym, cause i’m home watching the kids during the day, and when the wife gets home from work, i go to sleep so i can go to work the night shift. so i waited til the kids went down for a nap, closed all the windows and made sure no one was looking and trew in one of her workout dvds and it totally kicked my butt. but i stuck with it throught the whole program (30days) and i felt great afterwards. my energy levels were just throught the roof. even to the point i had trouble falling asleep at times. but i still felt great like i didnt even notice the lost sleep. so i popped in another one of her dvds wich was another 30 day program, and then a 6 week program. (ok, they were jillian michaels workout dvds) i’m a little embarrassed about that and i’m afraid to even tell the guys at work. LOL! but it worked. the pounds just fell off eating 6 meals a day of the correct portions and lots of cardio. no breathing problems, no digestive problems, and no more snoring. energy levels are through the roof and i feel like a new man. the one problem i had though was hunting season. i like bow hunting and when i pulled my bow out to start practicing for the upcoming season, i couldnt pull my bow back anymore. came back to your site and read up on nutrition and workout plans. turns out, i wasnt getting enough protein to keep my muscle or doing enough muscle building excersizes. working out to jillian michaels with my wifes 5lb weights wasnt cutting it anymore. i felt healthy and strong, but turns out, i couldnt do a single pull up. so i am currently on phase 4 of your pull up excersizes and your intermediate workout plan with a set of dumbells the wife got me for christmas and the clothes bar in the laundry room for pull ups. i feel it in my body after just a couple weeks that i am headed in the right direction. just wanted to say thanks for the site as it is very beginner friendly with lots of great advise and instruction. you rock!


Congratulations on turning your health around!!!


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