Ken Turns It Around!

Ken Turns It Around!

weight loss & muscle gain succes
Brockway, USA
before pic – August 15 2013
after pic – March 15 2013
weight before 187
weight after 158
height 5’7″

Well, for years i was overweight. I felt drained of energy all the time. Sluggish. It was horrible. I gave all the excuses that everyone else gives: don’t have enough time…eating healthy is too expensive…blah blah blah… Then last August I got just the incentive that i needed. MONEY. lol. My workplace had a “biggest loser” competition. Who ever had the greatest percentage of weight loss in 3 month could stand to win $500.00. It was just the jump start I needed. So I started searching the internet for advice on fat loss and weight lifting…Then I came across this goofy guy that always had his shirt off, lol. HE IS A GENIUS!! Do what he says and you can’t fail. Plain and simple. I wanted to exercise and be healthy, but i had no motivation. Well..Scooby should be a motivational speaker. Long story short. i won the $500.00, but thats not the point anymore. i feel better than i ever have in my life. My goal is to gain muscle and get down to about 10% body fat. I’m at about 18% right now. Probably gonna start some kind of p90x / insanity hybrid soon. Eating healthy isnt that hard or expensive. just need to buy a crap ton of chicken, fish, and veggies, lol. Anyway…Just wanted to say…if I can do it, then ANYONE can do it. Before this, i was a fat, hairy, lazy slob, and now I can run down the beach in slow motion, lol.

before pic August 15 2013 after pic march 15 2013 weight before 187 weight after 158.jpg

 Congratulations Ken!  In this case,  losers are the big winners :)

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