Killer Home Pull Workout!

Killer Home Pull Workout!

This is a killer pull workout you can do at home or at the gym. Its a devastating and time effecient workout that hits lats, traps and biceps. If you are wondering how I designed this workout or the philosophy behind it, please watch this video here. TLDR, just do what I am doing!

Let me explain the main concept that makes this workout so time effecient, its the smart design of supersets which allows you to move from one exercise to the next without rest while not interfering with your ability to give each exercise 100%.



This first superset is a great example. There are four exercises, the first is barbell row for lats. The second exercise is shrugs for traps, completely different muscle! The lats may be devasted but the traps are fresh and ready to go! The third exercise is for biceps and they are fresh too so again, you can give it 100%. Last we go back to lats which we hit in the bent over barbell row at the beginning of this superset but its been 90 seconds, the lats are ready to be hit again, this time from another angle.

One thing you will notice is that each superset of four exercises has TWO lat exercises, one bicep exercise and one trap exercise. Thats no accident. The lats are a much bigger muscle so we hit them twice per superset. Once with a row perpendicular to the body and once in a pullup motion parallel with the body!

Here is the video that puts this entire workout together:

Killer Home Pull Workout