Lathan defies heredity!

Lathan defies heredity!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

– Lathan
– 18 years old
– Manhattan, U.S.A.
– Before July 23 2011- After August 1st
– Before 160lbs – After 165 lbs
First off Scooby, let me say thanks, and I mean that sincerely at the bottom of my heart. I Had a weights class a semester before the before picture and I really enjoyed lifting, I continued to stay in weights and do their workouts, And then a dear friend to me (Roger) showed me your website. Everything changed, I went from a knowledgeable n00b if you will, To a dedicated I would still say begginer even just because bodybuilding is far to vast. Gains exploded exponentially, my nutrition was flawless, confidence reached never before heights, and my once average life became beautiful in every aspect. I Started instantly to Scoob’ys Advance Routine 5 days, 5 muscle groups 2 days cardio only/abs. Running every day on and off, and religiously toward the last couple months. My nutrition was amazing from after 6 months to the end and that’s where I saw the major gains.
2x body weight protein – 20% carbs – lets of Vegis. Taking, creatine didn’t really work with me. but I did take Protein and a Pre-Workout throughout the whole process.
If you saw my genetics you would laugh, It wasn’t in the cards for me to get big whatsoever or at least until i’m older. My Pa, and Bub both being thin as a rail at 18. But if you stay at it you can overcome genetics especially with Scooby.
I went to highschool and worked a 4-9 job 4 days a week, on days I worked I would workout at 5:30 a.m to 7:00 a.m. there is never an excuse for not enough time to workout I lived it, mind you I did have a 45 minute lifting period during school, only trying to accomplish a cardio oriented workout. But honestly Scooby the main reason I want to be picked is so you could read this and know that I wholeheartedly thank you, you changed my life forever.



These pictures are as of August first, If you could get back to me and let me know if I can send another one come may 1st I would love too. See this message as more of a thank you letter more than anything else.


Lathan, thank you so much for sharing your story!  It points out a very important point.  Not everyone has Arnold’s genetics, some have genetics like you do.  Some people choose to sit on the sofa and complain, and then there are people like you who make the best of what you have.  EVERYONE can get stronger.  EVERYONE can get more muscular.  Not everyone can gain muscle as fast as Arnold did but everyone can with the patience, hard work and persistence you exhibited.  You have made incredible progress.  You have gone from pear shaped to athletic.  You can build an awesome v-taper.     Keep going!  Thanks for inspiring others.  BTW, your photo cracks me up everytime I see it – I love how you took my instructions literally and even had the same funny expression in your after photo :)

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