Make this new years eve your best ever!

Haaaaaapy New year, or as I like to call it – Amateur Night! New Years Eve is truly the most over-rated holiday of the year. People wait in hour long lines to pay extortionist cover charges to go into over-crowded bars and clubs where everyone pretends to be having fun when in reality everyone is miserable and cant wait to leave. The reason I call it amateur night is that you get a bunch of people who only go out once a year and dont know how to handle their alcohol get sloppy drunk and barf on everyones shoes. I also call it amateur night because who else would pay huge cover charges when its too crowded to even dance when you can go out the following weekend for 1/10th the price. Going out New Years Eve is NOT fun. Whats even crazier in my opinion is that tens of thousands of people waste their entire day freezing their butts off stznding in Times Square to watch a silly ball drop.

Want a better idea for new years eve? Let me give you two awesome ideas. First, have a quiet evening of introspection alone. Think about what you did right in 2015 and what you did wrong. Think about your goals for 2016. If you dont know where to start then instead, read the book “7 Habits of highly effective people” on New Years Eve.

If you are not quite ready to tackle your goals on new years eve, thats cool, spend it with friends and family but dont go out! Have a celebration at home BUT do not allow the TV to be turned on with the endless stream of mind-numbing dribble from Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin that stifles all conversation. Really, who need to see the new year in every single time zone? I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.

My husband and I have a unique way of celebrating new years. We get up at 5am everyday and have no interest in staying up till midnight so what we do is host a new years eve party but celebrate new years eve on the east coast which is 9pm here in California. We have a big party and invite all our friends and neighbors to our house but make it clear that they need to arrive at dinner time because we toast the new years at 9pm and kick everyone out promptly at 9:30pm so we can go to bed.

If you have a party, consider making your own New Years Eve ritual. Things like this are hard to get started and everyone will roll their eyes when you suggest it BUT once you get started, people really get into it. Get your group in a circle and have everyone answer the same question. It can be funny, serious or both.

  • What is the stupidest thing you did in 2015?
  • What is the thing you are most proud of doing in 2015 that most people will think is stupid?
  • What mistake did you make in 2015 that you will never repeat?
  • What did you do in 2015 that you are most proud of?

Its a great way to get to know people better! Anyway, please avoid Amateur Night. New Years eve is the most over-rated holiday there is. Dont be one of the millions of people that end up disappointed on Jan 1 because New Years Eve was not the most fantabulous night of your life. STAY HOME, either with friends and family or spend the evening thinking about your plans for the new year. .

Happy New Year!