Meet Scooby in London

A big part of what makes traveling fun for me is meeting YOU and hearing about your fitness journeys.  A general note about meet and greets – if you are not sure if you want to come, PLEASE come.  People stress about these when there is no reason.  No matter if there are only 2 people or 100, we will make it work.   If there are lots of people then I will move from table to table so I have a chance to talk to everyone.  If you are interested in fitness, lifting, bodybuilding or health then we have a lot in common and I want to talk to YOU.  If you are shy, just sit back and listen.

Meet Scooby In London, 16th of August 2016

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Top of St Pauls Cathedral 15:00, 16 August

As is tradition, Scott and I always hike to the top of any Cathedral that will let us, and in London, that means St Pauls Cathedral.   If you want to join, meet us at the top (Golden Gallery) at 15:00.  If you have seen hiked the Cathedral before and are not interested in shedding another £18.00 to see it again, just meet us afterward around 15:30 at the Apostrophe cafe which is at the west entrance to the Cathedral where we can hang out and have coffee.




Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden 19:00, 16 August

Meet me at QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL ROOF GARDEN, great views and hopefully an awesome sunset! Thanks to my cycling buddy Mats for this recommendation!  We will meet here and hang out till around 21:00.  Again, no stress.


Track Scooby!


Thats right, you can track me!  I have a search and rescue tracker with me so you can follow me as I sail from New York to Southampton/London.  I will also leave this on the 24 hours we are in London so you can see where I am simply by looking at this webpage!  If you are having trouble finding the meet and greet, just head to where you see the blip on this map! [NOTE: trip over, GPS tracking no longer active]




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