Miroslav’s Physique Transformation Success Story

Miroslav’s Physique Transformation Success Story

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Miroslav, 28 yrs, Tampa Florida . Before pic was taken in July 2012 and after pic was taken today on April 30 2013.
My before weight was 88 kg and current weight is 83 kg.
My english as second language isn’t that good so please don’t mind any mistakes and such.
Hi Scooby!
I’m Miroslav from Tampa Fl. I’m 28 yrs old. Before pic was taken in July 2012. I found about you on youtube last summer. I started watching your videos and all the useful informations.

I always had an excuses and was kinda lazy for not working out or not following the nutrition.
Watching your videos and visiting your websites I decided that I want to make a change in my life.
I work as a construction and my job requires alot of travelling and being away from home almost all the time. That was one of my biggest excuses for not be able to work out and follow good and healthy nutrition. But everything changed when I watched your motivational videos and reading your website..Soon after that I got myself a pair of used dumbells, bench and pull up bar and start carrying it with me in my truck wherever I go. I workout in hotel room and I also carry jumping rope and do cardio too. I used your advanced workout plan and it worked great for me. I gained alot of strenght and noticed a change.
I followed your advices and workout plan for about a 4 months then I had to make break of 2 months due to some family issues but I came back 2 months ago.
Now even with working 16 hrs a day sometimes, nothing is too hard anymore. No more stupid excuses for not working out or not following proper nutrition. I also carry small grill with me on my travels, and I cook and grill chicken in the hotel rooms (so far I didn’t get in the trouble yet :)). I just want to tell to the other people who are thinking should they start working out or not, DO IT, it will change your life completly. If I can do it with all the grilling in the hotel room, with all the carrying my free weights with me on my travels (sometimes is not easy at all), packing all my meals for the trip, eating while driving (not recommanded:)) and all the other things then ANYBODY CAN DO IT!
I can’t thank you enough Scooby for all the hard work you to help the world.
Once again I apologize because of my english.
Keep up a great work Scooby, there are no words that can be said about you and about what you are doing to help people, and not just to steal people money like everybody else is doing.
I wish you all the best
Thank You and take care!

Hey Miroslav, from looking at your pictures its pretty clear that you added some muscle as well as lost a significant amount of fat – congratulations!  You are a perfect example of making things happen instead of making excuses.  Most people who work 16 hours a day would say they “dont have time” for good nutrition.  You are proof that if you make it a priority, you can accomplish it.  Congratulations on your transformation!  My nickname for you is now “No Excuses Miroslav” :)

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