This is Lasse from Haderslev, Denmark. He is living proof that an ectomorph can put on muscle thru hard work and proper nutrition! In 8 months he added 8lbs (4kg) of muscle. Just a note, Lasse has really good genetics. Normally you can only count on adding 5lbs muscle in a year (2.5kg).

Lasse writes:

“I began working out a year ago, when i was 16 years old. I did’nt know much about bodybuilding back then, so i didnt make alot of progress and i could’nt get rid of my belly fat. 6 months after my first workout i began reading alot of articles about bodybuilding and found your videos and your site. Now a half year later, after reading your articles, watching your movies and following your advice, my nutrition is flawless and im getting noticeable results. I’ve got rid of my bellyfat, and i gained muscle at the same time! Thanks alot, you have helped me alot!”