National Chest Day

National Chest Day

Monday January 4, 2016 is a very special day, its National Chest Day!  Only once every seven years does the first work day of the year correspond to a Monday so this National Chest Day will be one to be remembered!  Will all the New Years Resolutioners hitting the gym on Monday, the lines at the bench press will be at historical highs with this good, old school workout plan:

  • Monday: Bench press
  • Tuesday: Curls
  • Wednesday: Lats (optional)
  • Thursday: Shoulders (not recommended)
  • Friday: Legs (not recommended)

The reason that lats are optional and shoulders and legs are not recommended is that it has been found that doing these workouts causes too much fatigue so that it detracts from the next Monday’s bench press and curl workouts.  Do lats, shoulders, and legs at your own risk but you have been warned!


Join us tomorrow for National Curl Day!





If you havent figured this out, this is poking fun at the fact that for so many people, “working out” means doing bench press and curls.  NO!  This leads to not only distorted, strange looking physiques but muscular imbalances that will cause all kinds of joint problems.  Please, if you have not been working out more than 3 years seriously, stick to a standard workout plan UNMODIFIED.  Do not “improve” it by adding all kinds of exercises, sets and reps because you will make it worse, not better.  Please use my workout plan wizard to find a good workout plan for you!