New Years Pep Talk

New Years Pep Talk

This pep talk is about life and its about fitness.  Its January first today and a lot of people are making new years resolutions that they will completely forget about by next month.  Lets talk about why planning your life is important and why it takes more than January the 1st to do it.

If you do not make plans for yourself, then your boss, family, and friends will do it for you.

Think about it and you know this is true.  If you dont know what you want then others will tell you what you should want.

  • Your mother tells you that you need to go to medical school and become a doctor.
  • Your father wants you to take over the family business.
  • Both your parents want you to get married and give them grandkids asap.
  • Your grandmother says you are “too skinny” and constantly shoves candy and donuts your way.
  • Your high school buddies want you to take a job at the Walmart with them rather than going to college so you can go out drinking at the pub with them every night.
  • Your baseball coach thinks you should try out for the minor leagues.
  • Corporate America wants you to buy things you cant afford to increase their quarterly profits and the credit card companies think you should ring your cards up to the limit and pay 15% on your debt when the going interest rate is 3%.

If you don’t know what YOU want out of life and have no master plan then you will end up someone else’s marionette.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That is a really tough question for a lot of people to answer.  Its so much easier to just do what bosses, friends, and family tell you to do.  Everyone has incredible talent, the problem is that most people do not realize where their brilliance lies.  The problem is with our society and schools with tunnel vision of what “intelligence” means.  In schools, “intelligence” means doing well on idiotic standardized tests.  Vincent Van Gough, and Beethoven would have failed the SAT test but yet no one can deny their brilliance.  There are many kinds of intelligence and the problem is that people who are brilliant often dont realize that everyone is not like them.

The other problem is that people often do not realize what the world has to offer.  When all you have taken in K-12 is reading, writing and arithmetic how on earth do you know what you want to do with your life?   Figuring out your passion can be difficult but taking classes are a great place to start as is the library – not your smart phone, that dusty building with lots of paper books in it.

How to plan your life

I have pitched this before in my time management series but reading the “seven habits of highly effective people” by Covey is a great place to start with a life plan.  This is not something you can do on January first and forget, it becomes something similar to your gym workouts – something you do every week to get in better shape.   Because the soul searching that this book requires can be very painful, there is another option …

Life planning made easy

Last year, an awesome couple at my fitness forum sweat4health came up with a great alternative to life planning that is not nearly as painful.   Its called “your perfect life” where you describe your perfect life in a photogrid with the most important things occupying more squares.  Here is an example of “my perfect life” for 2018.



Why new years resolutions are not enough

Its great to think about your life one day a year, the problem is, if you actually want to achieve it then you need to sit down at least once a week and look at the big picture.  For each of your goals for the year, sit down and write one tiny little easy to accomplish thing can you do that will bring you one step closer to that goal.  THAT is your todo list for the week and its more important than anything else that your boss, friends, or family want you to do.  The weekly focus on your goals helps prevent your goals from being derailed and replaced with the goals of others.


Remember that if you don’t make plans then other will make them for you.