Optimal nutritional style for gaining muscle

Optimal nutritional style for gaining muscle

You dont need to trust me, you can do your own research on this.  The highest quality protein sources for building muscle are eggs and milk.  The protein from dairy and eggs are higher than beef, chicken, fish, or pork.  If you want to maximize muscle gain, its my opinion that you need to get a large percentage of your protein from these two sources.  Now there is a name for this kind of nutrition, its “VEGETARIAN”.   Many people incorrectly think that vegetarians are at a disadvantage for building muscle. The only thing that vegetarians do not eat is meat, and meat is an inferior protein source anyway.  Much of the reason that people thing vegetarians are at a disadvantage is that they confuse vegetarian (no meat) with vegan (no animal products at all).

OK, so you have done your research and agree with me that eggs and dairy are the way to go, how do you put together a nutritional plan that is optimal for building muscle while you are losing fat, great question – glad you asked.  I am going to show you how to make a vegetarian meal plan for the week in under 2 minutes that is totally free.

  1. Go ahead and set up a free account at custommealplanner.com
  2. Enter your weight, height, age, goal, the amount of cardio you do, and your goal (cut/bulk).
  3. Click on the link in the menu at the top for “Week Meal Plans”
  4. From the dropdown, select either “Vegetarian” or “Vegetarian with pre-workout shakes”
  5. Click on the “Create Week Meal Plan” button.

Thats it, its that simple!  A free custom meal plan for the week tailored to your metabolic needs in under a minute that is optimal for muscle gain even if you are cutting!

Everything is easy to make, healthy, inexpensive, and most of all, optimal for muscle building even if you are cutting at the same time!  Lets look at your meals for Monday as an example.  Spicy cutting scramble for breakfast, lentil soup for lunch, a cutting cheesy spinach scramble for an afternoon snack, and yogurt for dinner.  Protein from a variety of high quality sources and lots of food to fill you up even if you are cutting!

Some other cool things to notice are the fact that you can create a shopping list by clicking here but even more cool are the prediction charts for weight and body fat, lets look at those.  Note that these will only be accurate if you set your “Predicted Muscle Gain” correctly and set your “weekly cardio” correctly rather than using the default settings.

So there you have it, an optimal nutrition style for gaining muscle while you are losing fat.  Note that you can eat these meals any time you want so if you are doing intermittent fasting you can simply eat these meals within your window.

optimal nutritional style for gaining muscle