Scooby In Oxford

Scooby In Oxford, England Sunday 7th of January 2018

19:00 at Eagle and Child – 49 St. Giles, Oxford

For those of you who have been to these meet&greets before you know we just have a fun time chatting about anything and everything – no stress.   If you can’t make this meet and greet, there is also the London meet&greet on Friday the 22nd of December.   See also meet Scooby in Spain, Portugal, or the Canary Islands Sorry for making the meet and greet in a noisy pub but given that it is a Sunday evening, everything else seemed closed and I did not want to risk telling people to show up somewhere that was closed.


Last Year’s London Meet and Greet

london-st-pauls-meet-greet-11 meet-greet-london-rooftop

Track me!

When we arrive in England, the below live GPS map will show our position every 10 minutes as we cruise south and make our way back to England.  We arrive in Southampton on the 7th of January then head to Oxford for our meet and greet that night.  If you are going to either of the meet and greets you can check this map to see exactly where we are!

Where Is Scooby Now? (click to view live map)