“Scooby Looks Like Shit”

I am sorry to say that I really do not care what anyone thinks about the way I look.  Sometimes people who suggest the following things can be well-meaning advisors, seeking knowledge, or just downright jealous:

    • “Scooby looks like SHIT”
    • “Scooby is FAT”
    • “Scooby’s chest is way over-developed”
    • “Scooby has droopy skin”
    • “Scooby’s head is too small”
    • “Scooby’s legs are too small”
    • “Scooby’s neck is too small”
    • “Scoobys abs look weird”
    • “Scooby isnt symmetrical”
    • “Scooby should workout legs”
    • “Scooby has saggy muscles”
    • “Scooby is ugly”
    • “Scooby’s pecs are too big.”
    • “Scooby has a crooked back!”
    • “Scooby has a big nose”
    • “Scooby has big nipples”
    • “Scooby has boobies!”
    • “Scooby doesnt have abs!”
    • “Scooby’s skin looks red”

I learned long ago that you simply cannot please everyone so you have to gather information, and then use your brain to decide what is best.  People who tell you “what you should do” often do not understand your goals, your limitations, your capabilities, or they simply only have their own best interests at heart rather than your own.  When I sit down a few times a year and look at my goals, my fitness and health goals are a big part of it. You cant work on everything, there simply isnt time so you focus on the most important things to you and work on those first.  I simply do not take the wishes of strangers into account when prioritizing my goals nor do I feel any need to justifying them to anyone and neither should you – YOU decide your goals. What is important is that I am happy with my health, my strength, my physique, my cardiovascular conditioning, my endurance, my flexibility, and motor skills and constantly work on improving them.  For those who spend a lot of time telling others how to improve their bodies, let me suggest that this time would much better be spent working toward your own fitness goals – and start by making them!

Scooby looks like shit compared to WHO?

Of course a 60 year old natty lifter “looks like shit” compared to the dime a dozen twenty-something fake-natties that are everywhere on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Compared to all the fake-natty men’s physique stars on Instagram? Yep, I “look like shit”!
  • Compared to pro bodybuilders using buckets of steroids? Yep, I “look like shit”!
  • Compared to twenty year olds? Yep, I “look like shit”!  I am nearly 60 years old – old enough to be their grandfather!
  • Compared to people who are flexing when I am relaxed and talking? Yep, I “look like shit”!  Someone standing and flexing looks better than someone who is relaxed, sitting, and talking on video.

My guess is that most of the people who say “Scooby looks like shit” have no idea of the huge age differential between me and who they are comparing me against.  Most people can only accurately guess ages at their age and below.  Above their age its like a crap shoot.  I do consider it an extreme compliment when I am compared to some of the twenty-something physique stars on Instagram and YouTube.  I freely admit I look nowhere near as good as them … but then they could be my grandkids :)

Aging and the body

  • Skin tone and wrinkles.  As humans age the skin looses its elasticity. This means when as an older person bends and turns, instead of the skin contracting and staying smooth as it does on those under 25, wrinkles form.  I have skin wrinkles all over my face, neck.  Also one big annoying one in the lower abs and then a bunch of small wrinkles at the side of the pec in certain positions.
  • Ability to gain muscle.  The older you get, the more  joint problems you have and the more limited you are in what exercises you can do.  Someone who is 60 is very lucky indeed if they can do 1/4 of the exercises they could when they were 20 and I have experienced this first hand.  It gets harder and harder to come up with creative exercises that allow the muscle to be worked without causing joint problems. People who claim that the “best workout” is squats/DL/OHP/bench clearly are under the age of 30.
  • Pain threshold.  This is one area where us old people have an advantage over young ones.  The older you get, the more you get used to pain.  Pain that would cause a twenty-something physique-god to curl up into a whimpering ball would just be laughed off by a 60 year old.  This is my guess as to why so many of the ultra-endurance events are won by older people. I know in the 200 mile bike races I did, some of the 70 year olds kicked my butt while laughing and having a great time.

My videos are not flex-shows

My videos are about helping YOU get stronger, more muscular, healthier, leaner, and better looking (as a side benefit), they are not about me primping and flexing.  If you want flexing and showing off, there are tens of thousands of hot bods on YouTube and Instagram who do this.  I am nearly 60 and the truth is that I do not look great when relaxed.  When I am flexed and have total control over the lighting and camera I can eek out some good snapshots as I have done in Scooby’s Photo Gallery.  Maybe a real actor can flex, talk, think, and do the motions required for a video but not me.

“Scooby Looks Like Shit”

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