Scoobys 60th Birthday

You are invited to my 60th birthday party! I am biking through Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and Switzerland in August and will have meet and greets – join me! Yes, as my username Scooby1961 indicates I was born in 1961 and this bike tour from Vienna to Basel is my 60th birthday trip. I tend to do big bike trips for major birthdays, the last one was by bike trek across Sweden for my 55th birthday.

Scooby’s 60th Birthday Tour Schedule -2021

  • München/Munich 25th of Aug 18:00 – Biergarten am Wiener Platz
  • Wien/Vienna 29th of Aug 15:00 – Domkirche St. Stephan (my birthday)
  • Salzburg 5th of Sept 15:00 (3pm) – Augustiner Bräu Gastgarten

IMPORTANT: Please check this page before coming to the event to make sure there have been no changes to the date and time! The Munich and Vienna dates are solid, the Salzburg date may change. I will probably be adding addtional meet and greets along my tour as well.


About the Meet & Greets

These get togethers are very low key. We will try and get a bunch of tables close to each other and then I will make the rounds and talk to every table. No stress. You can just listen, share fitness stories, or we can talk about airplanes and travel. I understand German far better than I speak it so if you are English-shy, just ask your question in German – I like the practice. At the end of the event we will take photos for those who want them.

My actual 60th birthday is on the 29th of August, the day of the Vienna meet and greet. Please no gifts, I am biking and literally cannot fit anything more into my bike bags. To gain admission to these exclusive events you must do one of the following:

  1. Bring a skateboard and be prepared to illustrate skateboard squats
  2. Wear a fedora or bucket hat
  3. Be shirtless
  4. Illustrate how to spit out food if it tastes too good.
  5. Be prepared to share your fitness success story

skateboard squats

Previous meet and greets:

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cologne-germany-meet-and-greet Amsterdam-Meet-And-Greet Miltenberg-meet-and-greet Regensburg-meet-and-greetBudapest-Meet-And-Greet sydney-harbor-bridge-scooby-meet

Stop me on the road and say “Hi!”

You are also free to find me on the road and say “Hi”. This is a lot easier than it sounds because I will be bringing a GPS tracker that will log my location on a map every 10 minutes. Click here to see where I am, remember it will not be active until the 24th of August.

The map will look something like the below map:

On getting older and my birthday

If you are wondering why the birthdate I list on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube do not correspond with the date of my celebration, I never list my actual birthday on social media profiles- makes it too easy for identity thieves. By the way, the 60th is kinda a big thing. Many people over 40 hate birthdays because it reminds them they are getting OLD. In America where youth is worshipped and the aged are invisible, getting older is a depressing thought for many but I dont see it that way. I love the Japanese concept of getting older and their Kanreki (60th birthday celebration). Its a rebirth, a chance to start over. Very appropriate as I start the next phase of my life which will involve a lot more adventure travel, airplane building, and tinkering in the shop. Cant wait to start playing more with arduino, 3D printing, and CNC machining. Life is not over, its just beginning. With a lot more aches and pains admittedly but a LOT more wisdom :)

As an aside, some people seem to think that me retiring from doing fitness videos means I will stop working out – ha! Fitness is a lifestyle, I stop when I die. Fitness is part of life and its made me as healthy as I am. By the way, I will still be doing videos on my youtube channel but they will be more adventure travel vids and not howto fitness vids.

scoobys 60th birthday tour

Masks and Social Distancing

All local mask and social distancing requirements will be followed.