Scoobys best and worst fitness videos

Scoobys most cringeworthy video

“Skateboard Squats for Huge Quads”

The problem with this video is not the skateboard squats themselves, its the cringeworthy title.  First of all, there is no way to get HUGE quads naturally.  The BEST exercise for building the legs is normal squats … if you can do them – I cant.   I was appropriately ridiculed for this video.  The thing is, had I done a more discriptive and accurate title like “DIY home leg press machine for $20”, it would have been fine.  I still think the “skateboard squat” is a brilliant cheap home version of the $2000 leg press machine and is virtually identically bio-mechanically.  Anyway, definitely my most cringeworthy video.

Scoobys top 12 most important videos

“How to do your first pullup, then 8 more”

Without a doubt, I think this is my biggest contribution to fitness.  Literally hundreds of thousands of people who never thought they could do a pullup, let alone 8, have been able to do it with this progression.  Today “progressions” are all over but back when I did this video,  this concept was not common at all outside gymnastics circles.

“rotisserie core workout”
Although this video does not have nearly as many views as my pullup progression above, I think it is even more important. Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of doctor visits and strengthening the core is the #1 way in my opinion that you can prevent it. This is the first time that I admitted I was wrong. Before this I was a crunch-meister. Crunches are great BUT are only part of a strong core. Planks were well known at this point but nobody on YouTube had ever put them together into a simple, easy to remember routine and that is when I thought of the “rotisserie” visualization. The planks are done like a BBQ rotisserie with supermans and crunches added.

“Broke bodybuilder meal plan”
Another example of how view count does not match with what I think is important. I personally think this video and the free meal planner CustomMealPlanner.Com are my most important contributions to fitness I have made. In my view, 95% of America has no concept what “good nutrition” is because 1) the information the government has pushed for 80 years is corporate propiganda 2) its not taught in schools and 3) parents cant teach their children because they dont understand it either. Unlike calorie trackers like myfitnesspal that let you log whatever fast foods and candy bars you eat, CustomMealPlanner takes a proactive approach and TELLS you what you should eat. Many people get the mistaken idea that bodybuilding nutrition is expensive, its not. People get the mistaken idea that eating healthy is expensive, its not. That was why I put together the free “Broke Bodybuilder” meal plans where people can make a full week meal plan in a click with food that is just $5/day.

“How to get rich” playlist
I saw a huge need in educating people about life skills, particularly in finance. Personal finance is not taught in school. Parents are either embarrassed to talk about it or do not understand it themselves. Every TV show, movie, magazine, and website promotes happiness thru spending money. BUY BUY BUY, you DESERVE it, treat yourself! Put it on your credit card and pay tomorrow! I saw a big need to provide a voice of reason to this enslaving consumerism and that started my “How to get rich” series.

“Best pre-workout shake”
Back on bodybuilding nutrition. Magazines and slimy trainers have brainwashed newbies into thinking that you get muscle by “taking” pre-workout shakes and post-workout shakes. These are probably the most lucerative supplements of all time which is why virtually every gym has a refrigerated case where you can buy these canned chemical concoctions for $3-$5. In this video rather than trying to fight the impossible battle of convincing people the futility of “taking” shakes, I went with the easier approach of saving them money. Rather than spending $4 on an unhealthy shake, in this video I show people how to make their own which costs less than a buck AND is way healthier because its 100% natural.

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