Shockingly Simple Reason You Cant Lose Weight

Shockingly Simple Reason You Cant Lose Weight

The shockingly simple reason you cant lose weight and get sixpack abs – Your food tastes too good!!!  If you don’t have the physique you want, stop preaching and start LISTENING to me! If you want to pay $97 for an “Sixpack Secrets” eBook that will spend 300 pages telling you the same thing that this video does in 30s, go ahead!

IIFYM? Pizza and donuts are OK? News flash! Pizza and donuts dont fit ANYONES macros if your goal is a ripped muscular physique. Stop getting your nutritional advice from teenage steroid users and people like Mark Rippetoe.

The better food tastes, the more likely you are to over eat. Doesn’t matter if the food is healthy or not. If it tastes too good you eat too much of it!

The funny thing is how many people miss my one and only point in this video!