Speedo workouts for max summer gains

Because of the pandemic, hundreds of millions of people who used to workout at gyms are now working out at home. A lot of these people have to workout in garages or backyards that can be intolerably hot. Having a proper temperature to workout is key to making gains. If you are too hot there is simply no way you will be able to push yourself enough to get gains in strength and gains in muscle mass. Its not the first rep that builds the muscle, its the last rep, and if you are working out in intense heat you will skip that last rep.

Proper Gym Attire

Many people are have not yet realized that they do not need to let a sign posted at the gym determine what they wear to workout at home.  Here is a typical gym sign that explains how long the shorts must be, that shirts must be worn that cover the shoulders, and the closed toe footwear:


A whole billion dollar industry exists to provide “gym wear” but you know what?  At home you can wear anything the heck you want.  Comfort is #1.  If you are not cool and comfortable you will not have a good workout.  In summer home workouts, “comfort” means cool enough.  Some have the luxury of having an extra room in an air-conditioned apartment to workout in but most of us do not.  To be cool outdoors requires one and only one thing – you need to maximize airflow over your skin to maximize evaporative cooling.  Marketing people love to claim that their expensive patented fabric cools you, no.  Anything that blocks airflow is bad, no matter how fancy the fabric.  To be as cool as possible when working out you need a maximum of skin area and a maximum of airflow and to do this you need a good blower/fan and a speedo.  Of course, if you are working out in an uncovered area then you have to be worried about sun exposure but most people have a shady place to workout.

Proper footwear

Define “proper”.  Its pretty ridiculous that gyms require shoes be worn ‘for safety’.  The only footwear that will protect your feet in a gym are steel toe construction boots (which I have by the way).  Tennis shoes, minimalist shoes, lifting shoes, or sandals will do absolutely no good whatsoever if you drop a 45 off the bench press bar onto your big toe.  At home, you can use whatever you want.  I am someone whose feet sweat profusely when I am hot and when I wear shoes, I end up with all kinds of fungus issues.  In summer I go barefoot as much as possible and when I cant, I wear my leather Birkenstocks.  If you are doing squats or deadlifts you will probably choose to have proper lifting shoes.

Proper shorts

Again, define “proper”.  At some very conservative gyms the shorts must be lower than mid thigh.  Unless you have epic sized junk, I cant think of a single safety reason you need to wear anything at all for shorts in your home gym.  Comfort is another matter.  In some workout styles you might want at least a jockstrap or speedo to keep things close to home so to speak.  People often forget that clothes are for safety and comfort.  If the shorts are blocking airflow and preventing evaporative cooling they are NOT doing their job.

Proper shirt

Remind me again why I need to wear a shirt when I workout at home if I am not in the sun.  If its cold a shirt is a great idea because it makes you more comfortable.  If its hot then the shirt is getting in the way of a good workout so TAKE IT OFF!


Speedos for max gains!

When its hot, a speedo is perfect for home workouts.  If the neighbors drone flies over, they dont get any cheap thrills and yet it covers very little skin which allows for maximum evaporative cooling


About workout fans

A cheap desk fan that you can get from amazon for $20 is ok but what you will find is that its so weak that every time you move to a different place in your workout area, you will have to re-direct it at yourself to stay cool.  This can get old pretty quickly, especially when you forget to move it and halfway thru your set, salty sweat runs into your eyes and blinds you.  What you really want is a blower.  I define a fan as something with a propellor.  A blower has a squirrel cage fan.  Blowers are more compact than fans and often cheaper per cubic foot of air moved.









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