SRX Flys

SRX Flys


Today I am going to show you an amazing chest exercise and I know my pec exercises! This exercise is great for four reasons:

  1. You can do it anywhere – at a gym, at home, under a tree, or on a boat.
  2. Its a squeezing exercise which is VERY important for adding pec mass. If you dont do 50% squeezing exericses for chest you are throwing away mass gains.
  3. No matter how strong or how weak you are you can make it the exact difficulty you need!
  4. Requires cheap, easily portable equipment. You can make your own $6 SRX system in just a few minutes.


When traveling, its easy to do pushups for chest but thats only half a chest workout, you gotta add squeezing. A suspension trainer is all you need to do this and this $6 SRX trainer you can make in 2 minutes and it easily fits in a suitcase.


  1. Shoulders always in the packed position
  2. Dont let your elbows go behind the plane of your body. The infintesimal benefit you get is not worth the huge risk you are taking.  The shoulder is very vulnerable to injury when its behind your body.
  3. Elbows.  To make the exercise harder, the arms are nearly straight but not locked.  To make the exercise easier, keep the elbows bent
  4. Chest location.  To make the exercise as difficult as possible, position your chest right under the attach point and make the straps go all the way to the floor.  To make the exercise easy, make the straps shorter and move the chest away from the attach point.
  5. Keep the abs tight and your body straight, not sagging nor arched.


There you have it. One of the most amazing exercises for adding pec mass and you can do it with this little portable $6 SRX trainer! Later in the year we will be incorporating this into a killer travel workout and a home workout, so get practicing!