Steroid Drug Testing

Steroid Drug Testing

Failing a steroid drug test means that you were stupid or careless. Passing a steroid drug test means absolutely nothing. There is no test in the world that can prove that you are and have been 100% natty, period. Every test out there, competitors can easily get around.

Unfortunately there is one universal truth and that is, where there is money, their is cheating and corruption. Nowhere is this more true than in professional sports, bodybuilding and fitness.

Natural Bodybuilding and Mens Physique Competitions

Now, some of the biggest supplement endorsement contracts are going to the top competitors in the mens physique contest. Because these guys are paraded around as “naturally achievable” physiques, they are perfect salesman for the billion dollar supplement industry. When there are six figure supplement endorsements at stake, these mens physique competitors have no problems doing whatever they necessary to win. Huge financial incentives to cheat. In the upcoming IFBB Stockholm Pro, just see what kind of contracts the men’s physique winners get.

Many of the natural bodybuilding organizations make an attempt to keep things clean but its really the honor system. Competitors know who has used and who has not so its only peer pressure that keeps these contests in line. Even then, the incentive for some to cheat is huge. Win a “natural” contest is a great feather in the cap for someone starting a fitness business and they dont care if all the other competitors know they cheated.

Steroids and YouTube Fitness Personalities

There are many YouTubers that make six figure salaries selling their workout programs and nutritional information designed to give you big gains, fast. Again, huge incentive to cheat here. If you pretend to be natty and rack up 25 muscle mass gains a few years in a row, you can make a mint selling your “natty secrets”. This selling can be blatant, as in $97 eBooks or $49 workout “custom” workout plans or it can be more subtle – implied promises of rapid gainz if you simply follow their free workouts … while they rake in the ad revenue.

There is this un-named YouTube fitness trainer who makes a mint selling his “gain muscles fast” type workout programs. A lot of people were calling him a hypocrite for being a steroid user while pretending to have the secret to natty gains so he got drug tested and then started waving around his test results as proof he was natty. Now I dont know if he is natty or not but what I DO know is that passing a drug test means nothing. As I mentioned above, there is no way to prove you are natty, only ways to prove you are stupid or careless.

Why Drug Testing Proves Nothing

In professional sports like football and baseball, the incentives are even higher as many of these guys earn over 100 million a year. The strongest and fastest gets the big contracts, the non-steroid users warm benches in the minor leagues. Again huge incentives to cheat.

So we all know there are drug tests that can be used to test athletes. The problem is that because there is SO much money in sports, the athletes and their agents think nothing about spending millions of dollars on ways to defeat new drug tests. The cheaters outspend the testing authorities by 10,000 to 1. The other problem is that the sports officials don’t WANT to catch the cheaters. In baseball, home run records fill stadium seats! How many people do you think would watch NFL football if the lineman were 180 pound natty vegans? These officials don’t WANT to catch cheaters and its only when some really embarrassing drug use scandal comes into the news that they make any token efforts.

There might be a reliable way to test for one, single, particular drug but there are hundreds of of drugs on the WADA prohibited list and dozens of new drugs designed every year that dont show up in the drug tests.

So how do you know if trainer X is natty?

Great question! Let me ask you this first. If you knew with 100% certainty that Jeff Seid, Matt Ogus, Chris Lavado, Scooby1961 or Alon Gabbay used steroids, how exactly would that affect YOU and YOUR training? The answer is “IT WOULDN’T!!!” Everyone is different! Dont compare your gains to other peoples, it will lead you down the path of self-destruction.

  • workout as hard as you can
  • workout as smart as you can.
  • eat as clean as you can
  • live as clean as you can
  • get lots of sleep

THATS IT! That is all you can do! Why does it matter what someone else can do? You have done your best and you will make your gains at the maximum possible rate. Who cares if others grow faster than you because there is nothing at all you can do about it?

So how do you know what is possible naturally?

I know I sound like a broken record, but it all comes down to setting proper expectations. Use my muscle gain calculator to get an idea what are reasonable gain expectations for you. Any more than that is not going to happen. If someone is selling a program which promises you faster gains than this and pointing to themselves as example then they are a lying hypocritical skumbag. If you want faster gains than what my gains calculator predicts, you will have to do something illegal and I suggest you carefully weigh the pros and cons of steroids before proceeding.

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