The Truth About Steroids

The Truth About Steroids

This is an uncensored interview with @nick_sandell about steroids: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The reason that so many teens laugh off the warnings of steroids and do them anyway is often because they are smart and the warnings they get are laughable.  These warnings often deny that there are muscle building benefits and make it sound like you will drop dead with your first injection.  Kids are smart, if you lie to them they will quite rightly believe nothing you say.   This video is honest and from the heart.  It’s not preachy nor is it naive, its the truth. This video is Nick Sandell’s personal experience with steroids.

So much of what we hear about steroids is either “just say no to drugs” propaganda or its effuse praise on reddit from clueless idiots on their first cycle. This is the only interview I know of with a very experienced, knowledgable, and educated steroid user who stopped and was able to regain his health and stay active in fitness when most former steroid abusers just crawl under a rock and disappear.  I would like to thank Nick for publicly speaking about this so honestly and my hope is that a few people considering doing steroids will watch this video and end up saying, “Maybe steroids are not for me after all.”.

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The Secret Truth About Steroids

  1. Steroids work, thats why people use them.
  2. If you are reading this webpage, steroids are illegal where you are.  People will often argue that steroid possession is not prosecuted, so what, its still illegal!  You can bet your life that if your steroid induced road rage gets you pulled over by a police officer on the freeway and the officer searches your trunk and finds your gym bag stuffed with gear, they will arrest you for illegal drug possession.
  3. Information about steroids comes from people still on them.  This was one of the many very insightful things that Nick said during the interview.  The guys who are off steroids for good often crawl under a rock and completely disappear from all fitness circles so we rarely hear their depressing stories.  Pretty much all the information about steroids online comes from guys who are at the top of their game or between cycles anticipating their next one.  Nick seems to be a rare exception of someone who was able to come off steroids and rebound with new found enthusiasm for fitness and health.  I (Scooby) know nothing, don’t listen to me but please, listen to what Nick Sandell is saying.
  4. Steroid safety.  People just starting out on steroids love to point out how doing “sensible cycles” is probably safer than the unregulated legal supplements out there – probably true.  If you use low doses of real, rather than fake steroids, and choose your stack carefully then its very unlikely you will get hair loss, gyno, liver damage, kidney damage, or an enlarged heart (fatal).  The problem is that the feeling of power and invincibility is addictive.  Its why cocaine is so addictive and its why many guys only come off steroids when they are forced to by a medical problem.  You might intend on just doing a few sensible cycles but will you be able to say “No Thanks” to stronger and more liver toxic oral steroids when you stop seeing gains from your sensible cycles?  You started with 15″ arms and now have 18″ arms, will you be happy and satisfied now or will you want 20″ arms?  As Nick points out, every person’s experience will be different with steroids but his experience points out that in some cases, the mental danger is worse than the physical danger.  When on steroids, you are the most alpha of alpha males. Every day you add muscle and get stronger.  You are invincible.  The problem is that you cant stay on steroids forever.  At some point, some medical problem will force you to stop, or in Nick’s case, the desire to have children will stop you.  Then, your house of cards collapses.   Every day you get weaker and lose muscle.  In Nick’s case he could not even workout because his joints and tendons hurt so bad.  Going from the most alpha-male to bottom-feeder-beta is depressing beyond comprehension and for some, this depression can be unbearable.  I (Scooby) am a spectator in all this but to me, the dangers of depression and suicidal thoughts are the biggest danger of all with steroids – not the physical issues. How sure are you that you will be able to stop after your “sensible cycle”?

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Index of subjects in video, “The secret truth about steroids”

The entire video is shown below but if there is just a certain part of the video you want to watch, click on the indexed links below and it will take you to the proper part in the video.  I have tried to make this as accurate as possible but you may have to wait 5-10 seconds for your desired part to start.  As they say on Instagram, “… wait for it” :)

01:20 How did you get 600,000 followers?
03:00 What % Instagram models are natty?
05:55 Can a natty make it on Instagram?
07:10 Why did you start taking steroids?
08:55 Experience with MK-2886 Ostarine
09:55 The first real cycle at age 21
10:25 Steroids,day 1
12:10 Test for 12 weeks, 30lbs gained
13:40 Other positive effects of test
14:35 Started Winstrol
15:05 Winstrol-Natural-Winstrol-Natural
15:40 Stretch marks form during curls
16:10 Went off, all joints hurt, back on
17:00 Addiction: Anavar, Masteron, & Tren
17:20 Emotional roller coaster starts
18:30 Hair loss, acne, skin.
19:00 Confidence with insane sex drive
19:45 Dark thought start
20:50 Paranoia and mental breakdowns
21:00 Deca starts, up to 230lbs
21:45 Hair loss, acne, cysts, and gyno.
23:05 Difference between TRT and abuse
24:00 Deca + Tren = gyno
24:30 Mental battle starts
25:20 Stops steroids, hell begins
26:00 Panic attacks from prolactin meds
28:50 Stopped steroids to have kids
30:30 1 year after stopping, offered TRT
31:10 PCT (pulse cycle therapy)
32:40 Life with test level 90
33:45 Gyno surgery, 6 month ordeal
35:30 Gyno vest – difficult to breathe
40:20 Gyno pecs hurt all the time
41:00 Had take 2 yrs off lifting
42:00 Pain so bad considered suicide
42:35 Why hear only good about steroids
43:20 When did you tell your fans?
45:20 Why it was important to tell story
46:00 Close call with roid-rage
47:31 Less respectful, 14 again
47:45 Animalistic urges
49:15 Negative energy of steroids
50:24 Letrozole
51:20 Nick’s future
58:45 Dat awkward ending

Where to watch the video

If you prefer Instagram, watch the video on @nick_sandells IGTV

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Scooby’s interviewing skills

This is the second interview I have done and I learned a lot after the first one I did.  The main thing I learned is  to SHUT UP. Ask a good question, LISTEN, and ask a follow up question without editorializing. You dont know how hard it was for me to learn to SHUT UP. People listen to me all the time, this was a great chance to hear from someone who knows WAY more than I do.  The interesting thing was that I had a whole list of questions – probably 40 of them.  The thing is that Nick basically answered all my questions without me having to ask them even though we never discussed my list beforehand.  It was like I was paddling down cat5 rapids and only had to dip my paddle in once or twice.