If you have anything to do with fitness or bodybuilding, you know the hashtag #transformationtuesday is a big thing with 14 million posts.  The whole concept of #TransformationTuesday encapsulates everything that is wrong with fitness.  This hashtag is all about quick cosmetic transformations – rapid fat loss, rapid muscle gain, and “transformation contests”.  The problem is that all these posts feed the misconception that its quick and easy to “transform” yourself, like waving a wand … or should I say waving a magic syringe or magic supplement bottle. This hashtag glorifies extreme quick and temporary fixes – the fad crash diets and the illegal drug use.  If you want a real transformation, that requires lifestyle changes and lots and lots of time – years.  A true transformation requires incorporating exercise into every single day as an enjoyable activity.  A true transformation requires that you be willing to actually shop and do batch cooking on weekends using unprocessed ingredients.  A true transformation requires lowering stress in your life and getting more sleep.  These things take years to nail and this does not make for an interesting #TransformationTuesday post.

I did this post on Instagram to try and poke fun at it by showing my “miraculous” 54 year transformation but people didnt really get it:


The most epic #transformationTuesday results ever! In just 54 years, I added 18″ to my height and 160 pounds of solid #muscle and my #superman costume proves it! As a side note, that superman costume from 1967 was sewn by my amazing mother. In the 50s and 60s, a lot of women actually made a lot of their families clothes to save money.

Needless to say, my posts does not show up in the “top posts” for the #TransformationTuesday hashtag.  Oh well, I tried for 15 years to save the world from this insanity but am now retired from fitness.  Maybe in my next lifetime I will be more successful.