Triathlon Team

Triathlon Team


Are your muscles for SHOW or for GO? If you big muscular aesthetic legs can’t run, jump, kick, or bike then what good are they? :) I would like to invite YOU to do a triathlon with ME next year. If you have never done a triathlon, its an awesome sport thats all about health, overall fitness, and its a sport you cant do into your 80s.  Now is a great time to start your training for the race we will be doing next spring.  Last year there were 3 of us from the Sweat4health triathlon team and this year I would like a lot more.  Please consider training with us and doing the race with us.  We make a full weekend of it and its a great opportunity to hang around some of the nicest and healthiest folks on the planet while doing one of the most beautiful triathlon courses around.   If you are an experienced racer, please join us too and you will get the joy of whooping my butt on the long course.

I would love it if Jeff Seid, Matt Ogus, Chris Lavado, Alon Gabbay, Omar Isuf, Hodge Twins, Elliot Hulse, or any of the of other popular YouTube trainers joined us! Millions of fans look up to these folks as role models so they have great influence over their behavior. Actions speak louder than words. You can say “cardio is important” all day long but unless your fans SEE you doing it, they dont believe it. Its great to *look* good but there are too many people with muscular, ripped physiques who cant walk up a few flights of stairs without gasping for breath. Fitness isnt just about looking healthy, its about being healthy!  We don’t need any more 22 year old role models with amazing physiques dying of heart attacks, one is enough.  Is unfair for me to call the Gymsharks out on this?  I am old enough to be the grandfather of each of them and I can do triathlon, they can too.   Fair is fair, I also plan on meeting the Gymsharks on their own turf, more on that later but see my goals and training for a hint.

I didn’t start doing triathlon till I was in my late 40’s and I can tell you that it is awesome!  I have always enjoyed biking but running and swimming were a bit weak for me.  Triathlon took my cardiovascular health to the next level as well helped me connect with an awesome, health minded community.  I started with two sprint triathlons in the first year, then in the next two years did olympic length triathlons, then in the  last 3 years have done two long course triathlons (same course as half ironman).  Its all about starting slow and enjoying the journey.  You don’t need expensive equipment to have fun at these triathlons, a basic road bike, speedo, and pair of running shoes is all you need.

Many people think that triathlon is a complicated sport, its not!  Swim, bike, run – always in that order.  Dont get all wound up about the “transitions”, no worries, take your time.  The pros can leave the water after the swim and be on their bike in 2 minutes … I take 12 minutes, so what!  The only person I am racing against is me and my completion time the previous year.  There are different types of triathlons, the names let you know how long they are as shown below:

swim bike run
Sprint triathlon 0.47 miles 12 miles 5km
Olympic triathlon  0.93 miles 25 miles 10km
Long course (aka half Ironman) 1.2 miles 56 miles 13.1 miles

The race we will be doing only offers the Olympic and Half Ironman courses, not the sprint length.  The triathlon we will be doing is the most beautiful course I have ever done, of course, I love the California landscape so I am not exactly an impartial judge!  If you want to train but not actually do the race, there are a lot exhibitors as well as some awesome hiking and biking opportunities.

Join the Sweat4health triathlon team for a great race weekend – Spring of 2015 in California.  NOW is the time to start training!  For those in the area, I will do training rides and runs.

A number of people have said that they would love to do this but they live in other states or other coutries. People fly in for this race from all over! Train locally and online with us at S4H then fly in for the race!