TRX Narrow Pullup For Lats

TRX Narrow Pullup For Lats


This is a great lat, bicep, and core exercise you can do without a pullup bar! You have heard me say many time that there is no substitute for pullups when it comes to lat development … and thats true. However, there IS a substitute for a pullup bar. Although I have told folks a hundred places they can do pullups, many still dont seem to have any place to do them.  Even if you do have a pullup bar,  when travelling or on vacation you cant take that pullup bar with you.   This $5 DIY TRX suspension trainer is the ticket for those without a pullup bar or those traveling! Its a lot easier to fit this SRX in your suitcase than this doorway pullup bar setup. In a minute we will talk about how to set it up but lets do the exercise first.

This is a narrow grip pullup in the “L” position, that is, bent at the hips with the legs horizontal. Below are pictures of both the start and end positions.   You will feel this exercise predominately in your lats and core but also in your biceps and forearms.   If your grip strength is good, you can skip the wrist straps but if your grip gives out before your lats  then  use the straps – you can workout wrist strength in another exercise, not this one.

TRX-Narrow-Grip-Pullup-Start-Position When you do this, your thumbs point to your head and your elbows point forward, not to the side.  Your legs are held horizontal position to give you a great ab workout as well as a lat and bicep workout.  Very important is to keep the shoulder in the packed position the entire exercise.  Its very tempting in this start position to use a dead hang, please don’t.
TRX-Narrow-Grip-Pullup-End-Position Slowly pull yourself up to this position and go as high as you can but there is no need to get your chin “above the bar”, thats only for PE class and bootcamp, you get all the benefit by just going as high as I am illustrating here without any of the risks associated with going higher.  Keep the legs horizontal for as many of the reps as you can but if you have to, bend the knees, or drop your legs completely so that your lats can go to failure.

How to anchor your TRX

When you do suspension trainer pullups, the trick is finding a place high enough to attach it so that you can do the pullups without banging your knees or butt on the ground.  Strong metal railings on balconies work well as well as metal railings in stairways.  Make sure that whatever you attach to is strong enough to hold your weight!  So what if you dont have anything handy to attach it to?  Find a strong tree limb that is nearly horizontal or a ceiling beam in a garage that is 8-15′ high and throw over a sturdy rope using a soft tennis shoe tied to the end to make it easier to toss.  Once you have tossed it over, pull the SRX suspension trainer up and then secure the other end of the rope to something very strong and heavy that will not break nor move. If you don’t know how to tie a secure knot, this is not the right time to learn because a mistake will result in injury.  Remember that if you fall you will get hurt so make sure whatever you tie the rope off to is strong and heavy enough!



TRX Narrow Grip Pullup