This is Tim from Charleston, South Carolina who is a great reminder that fitness is the best medicine of all! What an amazing transformation, not only his physique but his health! Do you have high blood pressure like Tim did? Two choices:

  1. Remain obese, out of shape, and take blood pressure pills for the rest of your shortened life
  2. Get a ripped 8-pack by working out and with good nutrition & eliminate need for medication.

Tim writes:

” After I was put on blood pressure meds and was told by a doctor (who I thought was more out of shape than me) that I needed to loose weight and exercise, I decided to change. Searching on the internet for a program I came across the abdominator videos on youtube. I thought they were very funny so I started looking on scooby’s web site to find more. After looking through the site I found the videos on nutrition and the basic workouts for cardio, abs, chest and arms. Well to make a long story short I have been off blood pressure meds for 6 months and currently am 8% body fat. Went from size 38 pants to size 28.

Thanks Scooby”