Why you dont have the muscle mass you deserve!

A lot of men who start working out soon feel they don’t have the muscle mass they deserve.

Lets start with this:

Reason 1 you don’t have the physique you think you deserve

This is the kind of bullshit that is thrown at you from every direction! YouTube ads, magazines, forums, TV shows, and social media. When you see lies often enough, you start to believe them. Fitness companies lie to you all the time to make money and this fake commercial I did recently (above) is a great example – note that it uses CGI to dramatically increase my muscularity and V-taper.  First of all, the CGI physique above is not possible without steroids and even with steroids it would take 3-6hrs a week, not 30 minutes a week. This fake commercial is what these people do all the time in the real world to sell supplements, workout programs, and workout devices.

So, reason #1 why you dont have the muscle mass you think you deserve is that you have been LIED to repeatedly by advertisers about what is possible naturally.

Reason 2 you don’t have the physique you think you deserve

Then we have all these teenage fake natties on YouTube who pretend to have the secret to building an aesthetic muscular physique fast. Video after video showing their “secrets” when their only secret is a syringe. Other teens desperately want to believe that there is a quick and easy way to build these god-tier physiques so their channels become very popular which brings in ad revenue. Their lies generate income just the same. So this is reason #2 why you dont have the muscle mass you think you deserve, its because the fake natties on YouTube have lied to you about how hard it is to gain muscle to get views.

Reason 3 you don’t have the physique you think you deserve

Reason #3 you dont have the muscle muscle mass you think you deserve is because you are making the big mistake of comparing yourself to others. Your workout partner and you started working out at the same time and yet you are just ottermode but he is really muscular. Your workout partner might have better genetics than you or he might be lying about steroid use. Steroids are illegal and most people who take them will not admit it to family or friends. The people you are comparing yourself to might be a very unfair comparison! Do not compare yourself to movie stars. Do not compare yourself to IG/YouTube stars. You have no idea what they are doing.

People waste all kinds of time worrying about who is and who isnt. They claim its because they want to know what is possible naturally, but that is BS. Here is what is possible naturally, READ about muscle gain expectations or use the muscle gain calculator

It’s just you trying to improve, nobody else matters!
To gain muscle mass:

  1. use a good workout plan progression
  2. workout with intensity
  3. get lots of sleep
  4. eat clean nutrition like the free meal plans at CustomMealPlanner.Com 
  5. lower your stress levels

Even when you do ALL these five difficult things MUSCLE GAIN IS A VERY SLOW PROCESS, anyone telling you otherwise or offering shortcuts is LYING. If you do the above 5 things, there is literally nothing else you can do to gain muscle faster so stop wasting time comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to anyone but yourself leads to negative energy that will consume you.

Warning though, most watching this video who is unhappy with their muscle gain progress will look at this list of 5 things and nod their head saying “Yah, I doing everything right!” which is precisely the problem. They think they are doing everything right but doing everything wrong!  Some people define “workout intensity” as having to momentarily stop chatting to their workout partner and “clean nutrition” as Cheerios for breakfast, a tun sandwich for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner.

What you deserve

One thing to remember is that there is no guarantee that life is fair.  Just because you work really hard and think you deserve something does not mean that you get it.  If you find yourself starting to feel sorry for yourself because you workout hard but are still a 19 year old DYEL, remember there are literally millions of people who would love to be in your shoes because you are healthy and live in a rich country with opportunity.  If you have not been able to gain muscle then go back over the five criteria for muscle gain above.  Ask someone whose bodybuilding knowledge you respect AND someone who will give you an honest answer to critique your program AND be open to suggestions. Don’t waste my time asking for advice if you already “know” you are doing everything right.

You have to be honest with yourself.  How hard are you willing to work at the above 5 things to get the muscle and physique you want?  Many guys want the physique but are simply not willing to put in the work.  They rationalize their laziness with things like “I don’t need much sleep” and “nutrition is not that important”  and then they get miffed that they don’t get the physique they “deserve”.



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